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October 30, 2013, Word of the Day


Too hot? Too hep? But not sure?
A Pomo chick who indulges in self pity.
A tribute to the legendary Srimati Mahjabeen Bano (Stage name: Meera Kumari) who was a beautiful actress who across her career potrayed the tragic heroine, who longed and suffered in her appearances in various bollywood filums. Her characters were known to be self-suffering and unaware of her own powers.


Cheeronjeelal - Dude! I am in lau with Vijayalakshamivati!
Paneerselvam - Forget it dude, She has total Meera Kumari Complex, life chud jayegee.
Vijayalakshamivati - I heard that, (sulks) but it is true.
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