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Lot of linguists have bemoaned the lack of an equivalent word for FUN in India.
Is it becoz we are (no, officially we are no longer poor silly) full of ulhaasam, utsaaham, santosham, aandandam?
(happiness, excitement, joy, eternal joy)
but where is the fun you aks?
Fun is for Wimps.
Eternal Joy aka Anandam is for the SAT CHIT ANANDAns
Fun is temporal, Ananda is spiritual.
Hence Therefore we had to borrow YET ANOTHER Farsi word or is it Arabic? aedo from one of them Muslim languages.
Similar to masti sometimes twinned up going mazamasti
Maza includes humour, joke, jest, fun, aal in vun! nice no?


kanakaambaram: osai paari lets do some maza no, IMAX lo Cherry's first day first show?
(come paari, lets have fun, lets go for first day first show to Imax and watch Cherry's film)
paarijaatam: baaboi lots to baTTi re for test, you go no with your pankajam....
(Good Lord! Devuda, Govinda, so much to by heart for test, you go with your favourite pankajam, yes she is jealous, female friendships are such, sigh!)
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