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Usually a respectful addressal to a headmaster or teacher or tuition master.
(On some occasions the addressal might be used for a Postmaster or an elderly Tailor too)

Masterji is charecterised with his simplistic clothing sense and humble means of transport (Usually a broken down scooter/scooty or an Atlas bicyle)

The Masterji is a recurring figure in literature and folklore .He is usually potrayed as a the custodian of 'allthatiscorrectinsociety' .Although he is a rather low-paid employee,he is held in high regard by his community members.
Not surprisingly,he is depicted as self righetous scrooge on many occasions.


Masterji as Teacher
Masterji: What did we do in last class?
Kid: You said us God is good .You also mentioned we should not fight,lie and cheat in exams
Masterji:That I tell you every class.What else?
Kid:I don't know.I have not bought my moral science copy today
Masterji: Get out of my class.You are a good for nothing.You shall never succeed in life.When I was your age, I was the best student in class.I always bought my books to class.

Masterji as tailor

Woman: Mujhe fancy salwar kammez chahiye,Masterji (I want to wear a salwar Kammex i can flaunt)
Masterji: Aap ki generation ko tezeeb aur Tameez ki parvah nahin sirf Tashan chahiye (Your generation pays no heed to modesty.You are concerned solely about fashion)

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