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Match maker, one who finds the hard to find, or the impossible to find: a suitable match, alliance....

One whose business income traces the same graph as that of NASSCOM members.

One who has his office on the third floor, only so that the throng of his customer-parents can form an orderly queue in the stairwell all the way from street level, in some privacy and shade; rather than on the street itself if he had had it on the ground floor.

Always bullish( he is a broker you see) about girls in front of boys, and about boys in front of girls, his client base not being substantial. At least not yet.

One who made his money for a few centuries from desperate parents of girls, and now, in the IT era, makes more than he ever made in centuries from desperate parents of boys.


Sign on the office door.

Mr. Nitin M Shah, BA, (MA) (Astro), Marriage Broker.
100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed or No-Questions-Asked replacement.

50% off to our customers on legal fees of
Mr. Jatin D Shah, BA, LLB, (MA) (Psy), Advocate.

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