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Singill, mid-late 20s-early 30s- ladice? travelling ALONE on the Indian railways on a 24 owwar journey? Didint get upper birth or chose to sit nesst to window? then be prepared to face this kostin (mostly asked by one of the co-passengers while the others listen in)...and better you answer it also, afterall peepil care about you, No?
If you choose to be polite and honest and answer in the negative to this Kostin, then you either get:
1. Adopted: Mostly by well meaning but intoxicating families who love to feed and take care of innocent lost selves like you. Brace yourself to be force-fed on gastronomic portions of tiffins and snacks that are unpacked and served every half an hour.
2. Wooed/ Harrased: Perpetrators are usually looking-for-wife types young men of marriagable age. Having grown up on popular indian cinema theme,'Persistent harassment leads to Lau', these guys will try to make fraandship if you take your eyes off your book for a second or wake up after a nap. Also beware of oggling naughty Indian uncles who may try to get close under the garb of paternalistic affection.
Solution to problem?
You may either:
Choose to be feminist about it and say shut up your mouth and mind your own business
Be kochu kalli and lie that your marrage already over.


Train whistles and is just about to take off. Out of breath and heaving, you drag yourself into coach no. S7 and make your way to seat number 56.
Naughty Indian uncle : Beti, can I help you with that? (luggage)
You (defensively):Thanks, I can manage!
You finally sit down and catch your breath. You try not to make eye contact with the naughty indian uncle, but instead look at the family sitting next to you-husband, wife and three boys- all in their teens. The lady of the family smiles at you. Fifteen minutes later, the questions come.
"Goying where?"
"Travelling alone-all this distance?!!"
"What you are doing in Mumbai?"
"Marrage over?"

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