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A young waiter or a cleaner in a hotel or bar in Karnataka usually 15 years old or less. Mari becomes 'maaNi' in coastal and Malnad areas.

A Kannada word which literally means a young one of an animal or pet. ( Nayi mari= pup, Mari huli= tiger cub, Ili Mari= little mouse.)

You can call your young server "Ye Mari" but not an adult one. He will take offense if you did that.

It is a tad more respectful than just calling the tad by snapping fingers or yelling a "shoo, shoo" or "tch. tch." which some even-more-inconsiderate customers do.

Young boys or even girls in the family can also be addressed affectionately this way.


Pivot Parmesh to the boy Balu in MKG Bar: "Yey Mari, Baa Illi, Od hogi urgnet aagi, ondu ITC King thagambaa"
( Hey little one, come here. Run and get an ITC king fast!)
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