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July 6, 2013, Word of the Day


The world has seasons according to weather, in the mother land we have mango season, the time when mangoes are available to us aam aadmis.
Climaxes have known to be achieved in this season with this, the Fruit of Gods.
We so greedy that according to wikipedia India produces most of the mangoes in the world but only 1% is traded internationally.


Srilakshvatisham - God! I love mangoes!
Lakshaminathan - Mango season is coming!
Srilakshvatisham - Alphanso mangoes!
Lakshaminathan - Malda mangoes!
Srilakshvatisham - btw, did you know there are Mexican mangoes too?
Lakshaminathan - Who cares! mannngooooes!

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