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Summers in India meant many things. Swimming at the Bangalore Club, holidays with cousins at our house in the hill station town of Ooty, riding my kiney around like a hero with an unsuspecting girl from Sophia's that I probably picked up at math tuitions. Yes, quite a charmed childhood (there were no burlap sacks and meat helmets) which is why I always walk around Amreeka with a heavy feeling in my heart (see nostalgindia).

Summers also meant eating large quantities of mango duet. Mango duet = Mango ice lolly on the outside and vanilla ice cream on the inside, hence "duet." But the torrid Indian sun would quickly melt the ice cream and your half pants would be covered in orange mush.


Bulbul: We had to break up. She did not like mango duet. Thats a red flag for me. A girl who does not like mango duet is a flawed human being.
Kissan: A bit harsh no?
Bulbul: Well better than the last one who called Gold Spot the G Spot.
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