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Part and parcel of mallu cinema through the 50s -60s- 70s, she is characterized by feminine buxomness, stupidity and shyness. Dressed in a polka dot pavada and a hugging tight blouse, she bends her head and draws circles in the mud with her toes, heaving up and down. Does that tease the machismo out of you?? thats a mandi pennu for you.
Many a mandi pennu role have been played by actresses Sheela, Jayabharati and Sharada. In these movies, their vulnerability and sex appeal have made them unfortunate subjects of gross violations- both by the hero and villain, ironically.


Famous dialogue of actor Prem Nazir to actress Sheela delivered in a teasing manner
"Mandi pennee, pinakkamano?" (mandi penne, are u cross?)
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