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A Kannada expression having Hindi roots and its meaning is: ditto, exact same, identical, verbatim etc.

Usually the phrase refers to the way a student copies another's answers in a school test or exam - word for word thereby usually getting caught by the evaluating teacher.

The phrase implies that the copy cat doesn't have her own brains or use it if present even a little bit, and blatantly copies this way.

The expression derives thus:
If she finds a fly (makhi, Hin.) on the source answer-sheet at the moment of copying, she will even copy the shape of that fly into her own answer-sheet or drawing in the test.

Makhi has gotten corrupted in Kannada usage as 'makki'


Raju scored 45% in biology even though, Biju whose answers Raju copied 'makki ka makki' got only 38%, hehehe he.
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