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Mac fast

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Mac fast food.

In the days of yore, when Bangalore was still a small, cool, cajual, homely place which wasnt yet host to global problems like MakkuDonalds, Pitja Hut, Dunkin Coconuts, and yetcetera, there was one hiiighly popular burger-joint called 'Macs'. Its still there, still on Church Street, & still, I hope & pray, popular.

On the last day of exams with yuvar rowdy rangamma schoolfrends; on that first date with shteddmuffin St. Josephs boy; with US return aunty uncle; after a movie in Rex...Mac fast was where you went. Burgers you got anyway, but my favouright was the kati roll. So many happy, cozy, rainy days were spent curled on the sofa munching onenumber parceled Mac fast kati roll & reading one Famous Fie borrowed from the laibry.



Avinash: lets go to Mac fast da, lottof chicks will be there
Gautam: We can go 'slow' also, kheekheekhee
Arjun: ththu pj fellow!! Lets not take him da, simsimply
he'll jack our happiness in front of the Sophia chicks
Gautam: *straightening up & becoming very decent* Okay okay, no more pj's, lets go to Mac fast fastly.
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