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Mother, sister.

When eve teasing, breast stroke or something similar happens to you, you are supposed to say to the enthu cutlet the following -
'Ghar pe maa behen nahi hai kya?' (Don't you have a mother or sister at home?)

This will make the molester feel deep shame and he will apologize and mend his ways.

Maa behen can also be used to suggest extreme gaali galoch.


Ex 1 -
(Scene - A beautiful but homely girl dressed in ladies suit with a pink dupatta holding books in her arms is walking past two rowdy types hanging around a lamp post. They are wearing tight jeans, white keds and multi colored shirts but not utilizing buttons, instead tying the end of their shirts in a knot so they can reveal their netted white colored wife-beaters. One has a toothpick in his mouth and combing his well oiled moustache, while the other is playing with a key chain and chewing paan paraag.)
Eve teaser - Hai hai, tight jeans-pant pehen ke vadi hoot lag rahi hai, thodi garmi idha vi baat jaao! (Hai hai, looking hot in your tight jeans, come make me feel hot too!)

Offended party - Ghar pe maa behen nahi hai kya?

That comment triggers a massive emotional outburst and the Eve teaser feels very bad, unties his knotted shirt buttons up and tuck his shirt in his pants, puts the comb in his back pocket, hangs his head in shame and mother promises to get a job and support his family, to become a constructive member of society and to never eve tease again.

Ex 2 -

You - Madarchod!, behen chod!, betichod!, I ordered my steak rare not chutiya well done!!!

Him - Sir ji, please maa behen ki gaali don't give. The chef refuses to serve raw meat.

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