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The all encompassing term for mummy/mum/mother is Ma.
It is a respectful form of address given to a woman; mother.
Maa is short for Mata or Amma (Both meaning Mother).
Interestingly, Ma/a holds the same meaning across Oriental countries

As the Mother figure is widely regarded as the symbol of life ,various goddess are referred to as Ma.For example Shakti ma,Kali Ma .Not to forget,many abuses and Bollywood dialogues originate from the "Ma' given the fact the word heightens emotion.

Maa ki aankh and Teri maa ki are lethal abuses which demean one's Ma to a horrendous low.


Woman to streetsideEve teaser/lecher :Ghar mein maa behen nahin hain? ( Don't you have mothers and sisters at home..women you respect and not treat as objects of desire)

Famous Bollywood dialogue revolving around Ma from the film 'Deewar'

Amithabh Bacchan to Shashi Kapoor:
mere paas gadi hai banglaw hai bank balance hai
Tumhare paas kya hai? (I have a car,house and a handsome salary..what do you boast of,Bro?

Shashi Kapoor to Amithabh Bacchan:

Mere paas Ma hai
(I'm a dutiful son who has the blessings of his mother,Bad-ass)

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