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The Lungi is the South Indian Sarong worn by one and all gents , loafer gents, bus driver gents, eve teasing gents, simbly all the gents - good and bad and of course naughty indian uncles.

Beedi is the South Indian cigar. Put together Lungi Beedi means - a deadly party is happening with loafer gents who are jobless smoking beedi's and just putting. This is the sort of party, the Missus should not be-ware of .

In all honesty, this is not a wide spread phenomena. Invented by the California Mangalorian community in the bay area also known as Lobonagar who miss India and dress up in costume to stay connected to their porki roots while they sip their Napa valley wine and eat chanterelles!


See those jobless buggers, just standing next to Brigade road and having a Lungi Beedi party. thu! useless!!


Peter Fernandez is organizing a Lungi Beedi Party, lets check it out inside of the going to the kitty party

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