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\Litttt- thul. Say "Litt" , hold the t sound for at least 2 seconds, and end with the sound "thul". \
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Littttel = Little divided by 10,000.

The word "Littttel", means very little bit more, a smidgen of a smidgen, a bare suggestion of the curry or vegetable.

Of course, when you say litttel, the expectation is that at least a spoon-full be served.

The food will stop only when you put a hand over your plate, and even then, overzealousness might result in a bit of food being served onto your hand.


Aunty puts mutton curry in your plate. You say enough.
She says, "Take some more,"
"No Aunty, I am full," You are a good Indian boy and you have been taught to say no, at least one or two times, because aunty may have run out of mutton curry.
"Have some more, you should well at your age,"
"No, no, it was very nice, but enough," Of course, you sit at the table, hoping she won't be like the American returned aunty who stopped asking you if you want more , the moment you said enough.
"Have a little bit..."
"Ok, just a litttel, that's all, that's all."
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