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Derived from kutti kaal(Mal/Tamil); refers to pregnancy and kids. Once married, Indian women are expected to grant this one longing - grandkids. Fast.

The pressure is so much that women have to quit jobs and conceive so that the ammaiamma(mother in law) and rest of the husband's brood is happy. More so in the case of "lau marriage". It proves that the son has made the right choice of bride.

If conveying the good news is delayed, it always the woman who is at fault, even if medical science proves otherwise. Whether the couple is ready for children is irrelevant.


Roshni (holding out the home pregnancy kit): Nothing. Not pregnant.
Sameer: Again? Amma is going to kill me. She wants to see little legs, fastly, olly.


Nikki: God! Another baby shower. Now MIL will start about wanting to see little legs.
Ammini: Join the club. Mine's been ranting about it since I got married.

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