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Little finger

\Litil fingare\
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The savior of many a kid's half-pants, and a susu-distressed kid's best friend. We all have seen little kids in primary school classrooms, who will squirm in their seats, do the twist, have a pained expression on their face, until they can no longer hold the pressure, and voila, the left hand goes up with the raised little finger, while the right hand clamps down on the front of the half-pant in a last ditch effort to avert a flood of biblical proportions. Once permission is granted by the miss, the kid is off to the races, where relief is just a smelly pot away. The raised little finger is the desi symbol of no. 1, the supposedly more benign cousin of no. 2, since no. 1 can be done anywhere where there is a willing wall.


Tot: Miss, Miss, I have to go to the bathroom. I am getting little finger.
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