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Noun. February 17, 2013, Word of the Day


Fun times Limca times,
Young times Limca times,
Thirsty times Limca times,
Lime 'n lemony Limca!
Limca Limca!!!

Tangy lemony yummy fizzy cool drink thats been around since the late 70's I think. Go with best home-friend, buy two Limcas from corner kaka angdi, take to either of your homes & drink. Tastes aal-dhi-more tasty with onn plate Mom's murukkus, or with those oily khaaaaaara pottata chips that came in fullly transparent paggayts. Aaha. So much hyeavenly!


Mother (either yours or hers): appappa! Holidays minns sooo much you will trouble! Both of you go to the kaka angdi & buy one-one Limca & come. For oaf-an-houar you will keep koit. Et least & I can read latest 'Kungumam' magaseen in peace.
Added 2011-07-13 by poori
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