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like my sister only

\like my sishter onleee\
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the phrase which lecherous, road side romeos, and eve teasing men use when caught in their act by the potti or potti's brother, father, uncle etc; shameless guys line maaring and line maaring to girls, indulge in eve teasing and touching girls here and there (in bus, train, on roads and other places) but when it comes down to them getting beaten up with chappals and phatkas by the girl or her legal male relations only (brother, father, uncle, cousin brother etc, sometimes exceptions arise with boy friend or a friend who is a boy of the girl stepping in) they say "aiyyo she is like my sister only anna/uncle"


enraged anna/uncle: kya re?? meri behen/ladki ko chedega tu? (in between blows/swears)
(what re? You tease my sister??)
road side romeo: no anna, she is like my sister only anna (between sobs)
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