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Leg pees

\Leg Pees, pees\
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Origin: Contrary to the popular belief, the word did not originate because of Actress Rambha, though later they became synonyms.

The most coveted piece of meat (..Peters will refer to it as Drumstick) found in Chicken Biryani. History reveals that there were a few punters who used to eat Mutton Biryanis with leg piece.

Usually fate decides the lucky one who will find it, but it'll mostly not be YOU! Various studies also indicate that, if you have a friend along, the probability of him finding one will be 1 and yours will be 0. Also, if you have a bully or Punter around, he can claim it, and he will.

Leg Pees, is not for you.


Koli Fayaz: Who is the boss here, huh? *agitated*

Weakling: .......*cowers and hands over the Leg Pees*

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