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An age old traditional dance of the Indian subcontinent, widespread from the war fields of Afghanistan to the darkness of Bihar.
Young boys are dressed up as girls and are made to dance to traditional or popular music for the pleasure of older gentlemen because, well after all dancing with the opposite sex is un-everything, because 'good girls' from 'good families' don't do all this, therefore boys are preferred to real girls.
And it is ok, Sirji, after all it happens in the darkness, in villages and far away from you.


Bhaiya 1 - Eh sala!! Shankarva ke biha me ja raha hai?
Bahiya 2 - Pucca be! mast launda naach hoga uhna!

Bhenam - Sorry, your son has to come with us, tell him to get his girls clothes, the Shiekh is in town.

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