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When Lau blossoms between the hero and heroine in Indian fillums, they dont land up in bed making love. They'd rather spend their passionate energy dancing violently in exotic locales, often accompanied by back up dancers. Also note that they dont dance WITH each other but side-by-side facing the camera, like an impersonal aerobics work-out. Even if they did have any plans to make out after, the lau work-out would leave them completely drained.
The nature of the locales and backup dancers have changed over the years.The 80s-90s locales (when the Lau work-outs were at their vigorous best..sigh!) were bootiful parks, beaches or historical monuments with jingchack back-up dancers jigging up and down akwardly in the background. Over the years, with more money going into movies, the locales have become international and so have the back up dancers. The work-outs are better choreographed and the back-up dancers, suave compared to their rather endearing 80s-90s counterparts.


(Conversation between a 90s kid watching lau work-out in chitrahaar and her mom)
Kid: Amma, where maman and ammayi (aunt and uncle) went after they got married?
Mom: They went for a honey moon to ooty (hill station). Why youver asking mole?
Kid: Will they be dancing in the botanical garden there?
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