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Line maarofying-most people do... Lauing someone- a little more common- but, Lau marriage-u have to be really daring to get there. A marriage that happens out of Lau is a lau marriage.. In a country like India where arranged marriages are the norm, a Lau marriage is perceived as an irreverent act towards the parents and the community. A large chunk of popular Indian cinema uses this theme as its subject depicting the lau of the couples, the dicovery of the lau and subsequent wrath of the parents, the elopement and lau marriage of the couple and the later acceptance and tearful reunion of the family (if its a happy ending). In some cases, the Lau kapal commit suicide leading to a melancholy ending accompanied by a weepy background score.


Paati (at a wedding): Who is that young couple over there?
Meenakshi Mami: Ohhohho, you didn't recognize? that is awar suresh! and that girl is his wife, a christian ponnu only.They ran away and married. Now family has accepted..but so much of problems there were...achocho!!!
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