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Very special hairstyle of malayali womans.

Follow these instructions to simbly tie a kulipinnu:

1. If you have long bootiful hairs, first oil it nicely with kawkanut oil. If ammumma's medicated oil is there, please only use that.
2. Wash it WITHOUT shamboo (this is imbotend because the hairs have to be sticky and shiny).
3. Now dond let it dry. Jest take a cheerp and comb it nicely.
4. Take 2 narrow strands of hair from jest behind youvar ear. Leave the rest of the hairs alone.
5. Of one of those 2 strands split one strand such that you have 2 'strandlets' coming from one side and one full strand coming from other side
(Note: This is not easy because you cannot let go of the other strand while you split one strand.Plees dond ask me how you do that. Jest simbly do it).
6. Make a plait with all the three- strand, strandlets and all.
7. The remaining hairs you just comb out well and tie off one unda in the end.
8. If you wand you can decorate kulipinnu by sticking in tulsi leaves or that thechipoo (jengle flame flowers) in between the strands.
9. Wear a bindi, some kajal and chandanam. Then bend your head down and look at yourself in the mirror. shy is coming no? Nice and adangi odungi you have become.


" Still didint learn how to tie kulipinnu? whatay!"
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