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Dingo Tamil for 'garbage'.

Used a million times a day by Mother Mary, winner of the Nobel Prize in 1992 for being the Strictest Hostel Warden On The Face Of The Planet. Jyothi Nivas College hostel has successfully spawned an entire generation of morally upright ladice, all thanks to her.

This word is in memorium.


Poori: such a boring Sunday! Come Nimmy, lets kindal Mother Mary & make our lives worth living!
Nimmy Gopal (eveready partner in crime; highly useful accessory to have around due to innocent looks): Mother, i saw the gardener peeping through my room window!
Mother Mary: *speaking in dingo Tamil & brandishing broom snatched from ayah's hand as she swept the refectory* Aye, khuppathotti fellow!! Paithikhaarah!! Inah panrey nee? Phomble room ullele phaakriya? Pulees khoopidre naa, Gawd punnish pannrango!!
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