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An extraordinary sport played in the sub continent, similar to tag, and was once much favored by schools. One team has to sit on haunches and one persons from the other team will run around teasing the sitting team till they tag the runner. The runner can run between the people sitting or which ever way they want to, but the poor bugger chaser on the other hand can only run in one direction. But the chaser can tag his team mate to catch the runner, while tagging his mate he has to full shout 'KHO!!!!' thus the weird name kho kho.


Parmeshwar - Hey, did you play kho kho in school?

Paneerselvam - Yup

Parmeshwar - What are the rules ya?

Pannerselvam - God knows!! Its like the jan lokpal bill, everybodys heard of it but no one really knows what it really is.

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