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Hindi slang for someone who snores loud enough to sound like a cruise ship docking into port. Think of someone you know who is undisputed monarch of all those who sound like they're sawing wood while slumbering, and you have your kharaatey-daar. Known to wreak havoc on all non-snoring humans within a 2km radius. "Kharaatey" is the Hindi word for "snores".

Specimens can often be identified on sight by their large noses and ample midsections. Thin people rarely turn out to be kharaatey-daars, but you never know. If you spot one, you better hope he/she has not moved in next door.


"Yaar, tera bhai toh kya kharaatey-daar nikla. Ekbar shuru ho gaya, uske baad poori raat ghar mein kissi ko neend nahi aayi."

(Dude, your bro turned out to be such a kharaatey-daar. Not one person in the house could fall sleep once he started off)

Added 2011-10-20 by Surdie Birdie