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Short for Khan market,a popular shopping destination of Delhi.
The market is popular amongst expats and affluent locals and is considered to be India's most expensive retail space.

Originally allocated as seed land to immigrants from the North-West Frontier Province after the partition of India, Khan Market is named in honor of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan a respected Pashtun leader.
Bargain hunters are likely to be disappointed at Khan.Khan market has a loyal following who go there to shop at its branded outlets and vibrant restraunts.
One of the best things about this market is its interesting book shops and kebab rolls at Khan chacha and Salim's.

Khan market is the mini melting pot of Delhiwhere one is likely to bump into all sorts of Delhites - from Page 3 socialites to JNU types, from West delhi behenjis to South delhi babes,from college students to retired civil servants,from politicians to filmstars.
Everyone loves Khan!


Scene at a house party

Visitor 1:Hey I love your dog's collar.
Lady : I bought it from the pet shop at Khan.
Visitor 2: What a lovely rug?
Lady: It is from Fab india at Khan.
Visitor 3: I love these cookies.Goes well with the early grey tea.
Lady: I buy them from the corner departmental store at Khan.
Visitor 4: Where is your son? heard he is appearing for the JNU entrance?
Lady: Yes,he has gone to Khan to buy his books to prepare for his International Relations exam.
Visitor 1:I'm hungry.What's for dinner?
Lady : I have ordered kebabs and roomali roti from Khan Chacha's
Visitor 1,2,3&4: Yaaayy!

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