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Kauwwa Snaan

\Kuw-wä Snän\
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Literal meaning - Crow Bath.

A type of bathing activity where one does not spend enough time in getting wet. One might end up washing(?) only a few critical parts of the body. Like underarms, space between legs. Most likely hair will be the only body part getting wet, so that they can be dried using towel to give a notion when walking out of the bathroom that one has taken bath properly.

Mostly performed using while doing Bucket Bath.

Usually performed when there is no time or water to take a bath but it is still mandatory due to social obligation(mainly religious).

Origin can be traced to how crows take bath. They swoop in a puddle and just wet their beak and tail and fly away cawing.


Beta aaj to tum bas kauwwa snaan karke chale jao, tumhare maa ko mandir ki aarti ke liye late ho raha hai.
Translated as -
Beta, today you do a kauwwa snaan only and go, your mother is getting late for the prayer ceremony at the temple.
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North India

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