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'Karnataka Rajyotsava' is the day that our wonderful state of Karnataka was formed. It falls on the 1st of November, but celebrations continue all month long.

First of all, its a public holiday. Good start. Loud Kannada music, predominantly Rajkumar songs fill the air. Every area's Association members vie with each other to put up the thee-best programmes of the day.The entire state is bedecked in yellow & red, the colours of the Karnataka flag...even the participants come decked out in yellow & red sarees shirts & scarves. If theres a large ground nearby, theres every possibility that you'll also see a procession of heavily decorated chariots (or 'theru') with people dancing & singing along. The whole State is in festival mood & there's a extra-special sense of Kannadiga bonding & oneness on this day.

The politically correct greeting is 'Rajyotsavada Shubhasheyagalu!', but the greeting of choice is:

'Happy Rajyotsava!!'


Karnataka Rajyotsava is celebrated to mark the day when the State of Karnataka was formed.
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