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Noun. February 1, 2013, Word of the Day


local way of referring to the heart throb of the pavada satai clad teens starting from the 70s - Kamal Hassan. Kamalakasan acted in several legendary filims like Nayagan, Moonram Pirai, Indian, Mahanadi, etc on and so forth.. The latest in his series of epic filims is Vishwaroopam. It has run into full trouble with censar board for possibly hurting sentiments of a certain religious group and destabilizing the entire country. Even the honorable high court think so.


Balaji, new Kamalakasan filim is released man, I'm going far first day, first show coming eh? I bought 2 tickets in block for Rs.500 each. The filim will be tucker ra.
Balaji: Eh naansense fellow, the new filim is banned I say! That also you don't know or what?
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Tamil Nadu

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