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Savita bhabhi's read Mills & Boons, naughty indian uncles "read" Debonair and I read Williams growing up.

Williams or Just William was a series of books written by one Gora called Richmal Crompton. While technically not South Asian, it was an important cultural influence in India for all eng boys who were grooming to be future goondas.

William is a 11 year-old boy who is eternally rebellious and always getting into trouble. He had his own gang called the "Outlaws" comprising of his best friends Ginger, Henry, Douglas and a scruffy mongrel called Jumble. I tried to replicate Williams gang in St. Joseph's. We had Gautam, Hurry, Dominic and a dog called Rambo.


Teacher: Donkey, who taught you how to behave like that?
Me: Just Williams sir!
Teacher: William ah?
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My favorite "Just William" tale features a fashionable cousin from Oxford who induces William to get an insufferable and well-dressed pipsqueak to coat himself in mud and yell "Oh Dang and Blarst!" It was brilliant.

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My grandpa introduced me to the William series decades ago. The series is one of a kind. Richmal Crompton the authoress has a Facebook page as well. Brought back memories.

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