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Noun. July 14, 2011, Word of the Day


The common people, the nameless faceless masses.

Without the implication of overwhelming numbers, junta can be replaced by aam admi, the mango people which is an anthropological reference to the behavior of the collective.

Typically junta is used when the speaker wishes to invoke the image of a thundering herd of humanity, influential in elections, with needs and wants that can't be denied. It is used to refer to matters of the commons, like political speeches, railway reservations, or internet site traffic.

Not to be confused with the OED definition of junta, namely " a military or political group that rules a country after taking power by force." Indian junta has no such aspirations, we hope.

Derived from word "janata" meaning "the people" in multiple languages.


We've been working on samosapedia for a while, but it was only opened to junta a week ago.

You cannot get a balcony ticket for first day first show for a Rajnikanth movie! Junta will be standing in line. Not even Gandhi seat will be available.

Added 2011-07-03 by Kannadoggy
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