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jhaadu pocha

\jha-roo po-chaa\
Phrase. August 10, 2011, Word of the Day


Step 1 - procure broom made of twigs or whatever (jhadu), one number bucket, one number pocha (a perpetually dirty cloth).
Step 2 - hold the jhadu in one hand, place the other hand behind your back and sweep the floor with the said jhadu.
Step 3 - fill bucket with water and some disinfectant.
Step 4 - drop the pocha in the bucket and let it absorb the water disinfectant concoction.
Step 5 - crouch with your feet flat on the floor and with the pocha wipe the floor in sweeping motion. Note that you cannot stand up till the entire floor has been wiped; you can move from one place to another with spider like movement.

Once step 1 to step 5 has been achieved, you will have completed your first jhaadu pocha.


Plump Rowdy Ranganna (or Rowdy Rangamma): Hey Lakshmi how do you remain so thin! (nom nom nom)

Lean Lakshmi: My family makes me do the jhaadu pocha at home (sob sob sob)

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