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Film Star Jayan enjoyed short-lived 'mega' success in malayalam cinema in the 70s. If there were any muskils in malayalam movies, they lived and died with him (machismo in mellu-land resides in the moustache-if you want ittt, grow ittt!). Jayan dialogues are also famous with one of his momentous english dialogues listed 7 in outlook magazine's '13 Cheesiest Chalkiest dialogues in Indian Cinema'. Playing a self-respecting and of course, english- speaking coolie, an indignant Jayan delivers this dialogue in style to a rich couple who aroused his wrath.
Sadly, he lost his life while performing a helicopter stunt in 1980(he insisted on doing all the stunts himself). He has, however re-emerged in mal pop culture in the 2000s with the 'jayan jokes' - short 'Jayan' dialogues - circulating in school/college breaks and other informal settings via sms/emails/mouth. Jayan Jokes are about ... magnitude. see examples below.


Jayan Joke (always best enjoyed in mellu, translated here)

Jayan : If only there was a square plot of land with four wells in the corners, ...I could have played carroms

Jayan : " If only there was a railway track,.... I could have used it as a belt"

(Note: the dots that break the first part of the sentence from the second signify a momentous pause)

Watch jayan's dialogue here:

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