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Noun. November 8, 2011, Word of the Day


When Samosapedia launches samosascrabble and you are left with Zed and Zed and you feel like a useless fellow for not being smart enough to come up with a word despite 10 years of tuitions, then remember IZZAT.

What a beautiful and complex word. It means "dignity," "honor" and "reciprocity" in both friendship and enmity.

One way to think about it is that loss of respect from one Izzat = 100 times the loss of respect from oneshame shame puppy shame incident.

When izzat is compromised between two khandhans there can be fueds to regain izzat that might span generations.

It cuts across all religions and is prevelant in both India and Pakistan. For instance, the armed forces of India and Pakistan incorporate the concept of izzat as a powerful motivator and use the term in their mottos, such as the Indian Regiment of Artillery's "Sarvatra Izzat O Iqbal" (Everywhere with Honor and Glory)

Bottomline: You can take away our chappals but you can never take away our Izzat (said in Braveheart voice)


Pinki: I feel so ashamed. Everyone saw me last night at The Club dancing on table tops with a mini-skirt acting like one Sandra from Bandra doing dhak dhak moves and all with my new bob cut
Mona: Yes, you have lost all your Izzat. Only way to regain it is by taking a vow of silence and becoming seedha sadha for seven years. Maybe become a nun.
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