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The iron toast simbly put is the good old buttered up bread toasted using an iron. Essential part of Indian boarding school lingo, the iron toast rules the roost in such hostels where any form of primitive gadgetry such as water heater were deemed contraband and seized by scheming wardens.

Ironically the iron happened to be one of the few gadgets permissible for possession on account of the perfect grooming prescribed for eng bais.


Raga: Dai tambi get two breakfast plates for us on Saturday. At least 10 slices of bread each. Don't forget.
Junior: Yes baiyya, on whose name?
Raga: For Battu, he's calling in sick. Understood.
Junior: Ok baiyya, can I also have one iron toast. Just one, pliss.
Raga: Bleddy bugger stay in your jetties.
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