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Noun. October 7, 2011, Word of the Day


Any touch screen phone. You could be the proud owner of a 'nokia iphone', 'samsung iphone', micromax iphone' or any other random companys iphone.


Basti - Yeh Pani bhi chutiya hai! He bought some frooti iphone for 40000 rupees when micromax is selling iphone with 7 sim cards space, 400 gigabytes memory and with a speaker louder than his color tv for just 1753 rupees!

Dinanath - I know man, he had to sell his car and shift to Bhiwandi to buy that iphone!

Paneerselvam - Salo! Mera wala iphone is better than micromax wala. And Bhiwandi is like in Delhi only just 200 kilometers far.. and metro will be there by 2037, then who'll be laughing?

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