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Introduction to a person of the opposite sex. (More specifically to a person that one is romantically interested in.)

Highly valued commodity in South Asian social circles.

Hard to come by for large numbers of shy young men, who have compromised heavily just to get one, great lau stories have fallen short at the very beginning, large numbers of unrequited ones have been written and rewritten.

In case you have an intro to a PYT, hold it tight. There are kids here going cumbletely waste.


Ashish and Krish sip coffee furtively at the CCD.

In the distance, the pretty Sunu sips a strawberry milkshake. Alone. Just then, Namit joins her and starts an easy conversation.

Ashish: Who's that? What the fuck is he talking to her for?

Krish: He's the new BF.

Ashish: BF? So fast?

Krish: That's what I'm saying, na. I only gave him her intro. YZ!

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