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Noun. August 15, 2012, Word of the Day


Andhervun example of the tendency to truncate yet retain meaning


Fellow from faarin (puzzled): Hey, what's with people peddling flags at every traffic light? Is this normal? Sorry, but I didn't really have Indians pegged as particularly patriotic except when they win a cricket world cup....and didn't you have some scandals about how the flag can't be violated, etc?
Suppandi (beaming): No no, no voilins. Tomorrow is our Indepence Day. Childrens will take to school for marchpast.

Shreya (secretly envious): Look at that Rupali, ya. Such a tomboy, cheee. Always getting dirty playing cricket with boys, climbing trees for poly mangoes, never wearing one will marry her, pah!
Sneha (smugly): Ha. My mother knows her mother from college days. Itsimms she was also like that wonly. Too indepent! Even in those days, she used to drive off her own car and wear jeanspant. That's why her husband ran off and married his secketree, Miss Fonseca!!!

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