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Indian Made Foreign Liquour. Colloquially thanni, kudix or other forms of Desi daroo. The 4 simple words behind the Kingfisher millions.

Origin: A regulatory name for Indian made scotch, rum, brandy, fortified wine and other forms of booze in the country.

IMFL is exempt from the high import duties that make respectable citizens smuggle liters of Johnny Walker Black Label from customs to the sofa sadhus in their friends and family.

(apocryphal) IMFL is the precursor acronym to MILF. In fact, one must drink lots of IMFL and be full confoos to find even one MILF in the country.


Macha! That Hercules XXX rum is one hell of an IMFL...I think I went blind after one slug of it. Hell, after two shots even Chamrajpet Charles looked and sounded like a MILF to me.
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