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My grandfather first introduced me to this phrase. He would shake his head solemnly and say this. This phrase then got passed down to my father who would say "Achan used to say if luck is to fuck, who is to check?." It took us all years to decode its true meaning. It is basically a cryptic way of saying that if its written in your fate, your kismet that you will get hazaar fucked, then no one can save you. If fate fucks you, you are truly damned. Not even Samosapedia can redeem you.


Arun B: Did you hear what happened to Alagappan?
Vikram: No!
Arun B: Well he first got double pneumonia then was found in pink undies on Brigade Road barking like a rapid dog and so they locked him up at Nimhans
Vikram: Poor chap
Arun B: Well....if luck is to fuck..who is to check?
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