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April 19, 2012, Word of the Day


Tom Cruise is probably content to take his 20 Million dollars and call it a day...Closer to home, the reigning deities of Bollywood get the occasional honorific - A King Khan or a Badshah Bachchan ...

...but it is de-rigeur for every south hero worth his moustachioed machismo to acquire a title as soon as he gets his first real hit...

Some of them are cosmological, your "superstar" and your "megastar"... others aim to eliminate any future competition for the top spot a la "Supreme Hero"..

...Some are aspirational like "Little Superstar" (When I grow up, I will become a real Superstar) while others get right to the point.. Arjun is the "Action King", bleddy mind it!!!
Then there are the weird ones worthy of some head scratching - "Crazy Star"?, "Challenging Hero"?...

Titles are the brand names for these stars, something you don't mess with..unless you are a 100% testosterone -filled gentleman called Vijaykanth -- He promoted himself from "Puratchi Kalaiganar" (Revolutionary Artist) to Captain without much damage to his brand...


Apparently, Chiranjeevi, became the "Supreme Hero" after the release of a movie called "Yamudiki Mogudu" (Citation needed from our Telugu Samosapedians)... He had to be content with being a mere "megastar" before that
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