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The colour associated with a house in schools. Typical colours are yellow, red, green, blue and purple. Students wear their house colors on a designated day of the week, usually coinciding with the day the PT class is held. Failure to wear house colours on the designated day can result in getting thulped by your PT teacher or the headmaster, or being made to run around the ground. House colors are also worn on sports day.

The rivalry between houses often comes down to petty alliterative insults such as

"Red, red, sussu in the bed!"
"Blue, blue, chaddi flew!"
"Green, green, chaddi clean!"
"Yellow, yellow, dirty fellow!"
"Brown, brown, go to town, pull your chaddi up and down!"


Mukesh: Bugger, I need to change my house - red is the worst house colour. I was chased by a bloody cow yesterday because I was wearing my PT dress.
Barry: (In a squeaky voice) Changing your house! Shame shame puppy shame!
Mukesh: You, are you a puppy?
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