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Before stupid western ideas seeped into your khopri, it was perfectly kosher to see two men holding hands and enjoying a stroll. Now you are all frooti and all when you see them and you go like 'ewww' and all that.

In South Asia it is the coolest thing you can do. You can be holding hands with your friend in a non gay way and walk around bandra, connaught place, cubbon park, park street or dakbunglaw choraha without anyone giving you a second look (unless some western persons is there).


Coconut Ramesh just arrives from Chicago to meet his extended family in Darbhanga. He is convinced that he wants the total Indian experience and is looking forward to an exciting time and hoping to soak in the colors, culture and vibrancy of his country of origin.
When he gets of the plane he is received by cousin dehati Dinesh who immediately grabs his hands and keeps holding hands with him for the rest of the trip.
Coconut Ramesh regrets ever going to India.
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