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Dingo's use the term Hobson-Jobson to refer to any festival or entertainment with a bit of tamasha.

The origin the term is a corruption by British soldiers of "Yā Ḥasan! Yā Ḥosain!" which is repeatedly cried by Shia Muslims as they beat their chests throughout the procession of the Muharram; this was then converted to Hosseen Gosseen, Hossy Gossy, Hossein Jossen, and ultimately Hobson-Jobson.

The Hobson-Jobson is now used to refer to a word or phrase borrowed by one language from another and modified in pronunciation to fit the set of sounds the borrowing language typically uses; it is also the name of a popular dictionary of anglo-indian words.


Bunty: What are you reading?
Dominic: Hobson-Jobson to anglo-indian slang but definitely not as riveting as Samosapedia!
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