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Hindi equivalent to 'Oh my God'/ "Good heavens'with heightened emotional effect.

'Hey' here does not stand for 'hello' but a salutation to a divine force.'Bhagwan' means god or one who is the controllers of 'Bhag' (future)

The phrase "Hey bhagawan" has high dramatic appeal and has been wisely incorpated in Bollywood tearjerks and K-serials.


Bollywood usage

Hey Bhagwan!Meri suhaag ki raksha karna
(Oh god,pls protect my ailing/dying husband)

Hey Bhagwaan!agar tu hey toh koi chamatkar dikha
(Oh god...if you really exist, show a miracle and prove your existence)

Everyday usage

Hey bhagwan!kaisi ladki hain.

(Good heavens,this girl is such a spaz)

Hey bhagwan!yeh kya ho raha hain

(Good heavens,what on earth is happening)

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