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a) What yuwry character yells in yuwry pitcher when he/she points the gun at the villain

b) The response of over enthu cutlets to yeach and yevry koschan in yeach and yevry class. Class porkis respond to this response by throwing chalkpiss at cutlet, but are secretly relieved that said cutlets deflect teacher's attention from their porkiness


End of Pitcher Climax - Hero has bashed up all 100 villians in the den, rescued his old parents, sweetheart and sweetheart's younger brother...All Fat Pollisman persons who were standing outside smoking suttas and waiting for fight to be over now rush in shouting "Henzap!!"

Teacher: Mogan stop putting haandszupp for yuwry koschan. Give others a chance no...
Others: Groan!!!!!

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