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Say you really heard the entire story of The Ramayana. Then you cajually stretch, break your knuckles, & ask the narrator ''Who is this Rama?? Continuously you are mentioning no?''

So - you use this phrase when you hear a long, lengthy explanation on any particular subject & you (either because youre a dimwit or you werent listening) ask the most obvious question on that very same subject.

Happens all the time in want to convince your miss that you WERE listening to her kui on about square roots when you werent at all; just ask in curious, inquiring tone: "Yes miss, I understood yavvrything. But Im wondering..why is it necessarily called 'square' root? Why not 'tap' root?"

Your parents give you a 2hr lecture on the merits of wearing decent, lady-like clothing. Simsimply you say "hmm, hmm, yes ma, yes pa", then yawn, stretch & ask for 500 rupees to buy torn & distressed acid-wash jean-pant from Vashi's.

Friend is telling you her lau problems. All the lau in YOUR heart is currently focused on the butter chicken in front of you. When it looks like the story is over you ask "So what are you going to tell him now?" and she says "Tthu, that only I was telling you for 1hr no?!!''

You just Heard the Ramayana & asking 'who is Rama?'!!


I sat & narrated the entire Ramayana to that gora. Finally he asks me ''who is this Rama you keep talkin' about?
Ayyo! Heard the full Ramayana & asking ''who is Rama?!!
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