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Euphemism for: fat, chubby, tubby, fleshy, overweight, just short of obese. Used, inter alia, in defense of lazy good for nothing boys whose waistlines slowly creep outwards, and in praise of marriageable ladice with child-bearing hips or newly-married ladice who have just come into post-marital chub. Can be inadvertently offensive (e.g., when the target has been dieting strenuously but without result, or when the implication is that in a past life you were practically a victim of famine).


1. Well-meaning aunty: Arre, Roohi, you are looking so healthy nowadays. First you used to look like a stick! But now in your sasuraal (in-laws' home) they must be feeding you so many asli-ghee mithais and all...
Roohi: (looks miffed)

2. Prospective mother-in-law: I simply cannot get my son married to that girl Samira -- he's so handsome, and look at her, she's like a baby elephant only!
Prospective m-i-l's nosy matchmaking friend: Come on, Preeti, she's just healthy; and she has such a nice personality also, very sweet girl, and makes excellent Marwari food!

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